Andrea Dos Santos


a few words about us

Reliable House Cleaning & Janitorial Services has been providing Bostonians with high quality cleaning work since 2002. Andrea Dos Santos, me, the owner, saw so many people struggle with trying to find a house cleaner that actually did a great job. The idea to start Reliable House Cleaning & Janitorial Services came from there.

Knowing how hard I clean and how precise I am when I clean, I decided to put together a company to help people who need help cleaning. Since the business has grown into a large, well managed company, I have serveral groups of cleaning ladies that are sent to clean your homes. They were all trained by me, and before I hired them, 2 things I looked for in her the most was, if she was an honest and hardworking person and if she really liked cleaning.

Had I hired women who don't like to clean, maybe Reliable House Cleaning & Janitorial Services wouldn't be as big as it is today. All of our cleaning crews like what they do and do it right.