"The House Is Spotless"

"Hi, My name is Andrea. I work for Reliable House Cleaning and Janitorial Services. This is Mary. I love her. I love her family, and she'll talk to you a little bit more.

Andrea has been working with me for 15 years, and the days that she comes, I look forward to coming home because the house is spotless and smell so good.

She pays attention to every little detail, never cuts any sort of corners. Everything is done exactly as I ask if there's anything extra that I want to be done.

She's always very willing to do anything that I ask. She pays such nice attention to my dog, gives her lots of loving and, uh, she is very easy to get in touch with. I texted her, called her and she always gets right back to me.

She is extremely reliable. She's here when she says she's going to be here and you know, I don't know what we would do without her. I wholeheartedly recommend her and be willing to talk to anyone who has any questions in the future. She's a great find. Thank you."

Ms. Mary


Ms. Mary And Andrea

She Pays Attention To Every Little Detail

She Is Extremely Reliable.

"They Are Very, Very Trustworthy"

"Hi, I'm Dori, and I can only say the best things about Andrea and her helper, Maria. Andrea is the owner, and Maria has been coming with Andrea almost as long as they work for me, and that's over 10 years.

They are both absolutely terrific cleaners, but they're also very, very nice people. So they always come in with a smile on their face. 'Hi, Good morning!'

They look, I have two cats. They look for the cats they give the cat's a good morning, and off they go to work. They're both extremely hardworking people.

They are very, very trustworthy. They're in my space. I don't worry about jewelry. I don't worry about papers. I just know they're extremely, extremely trustworthy. They're hardworking. They will always do extra.

The other thing that is really hugely helpful to me is: Andrea keeps a schedule. So when she tells you. She's going to be here on Monday at eight o'clock. She's here on Monday at eight o'clock. And that really, really helps me, because I can then go up and do the things that I need to do.

I can only say that the best things about them, very reliable, very diligent, very hardworking, very nice people. And terrific, terrific cleaners. So if anybody wants any additional information, I'd be more than happy to give it to you through Andrea, okay?"

Mrs. Dori
Watertown, MA


Andrea And Mrs. Dori

They are both absolutely terrific cleaners

They're both extremely hardworking people.


"She Does An Excellent Job"

"My name is Kirstin Bolduc. Andrea has been with us for about 10 years now.

I can't say enough wonderful things about her. We absolutely loved the days that she's been here. She does an excellent job. House always smells so good.

She's so sweet and kind, especially with our animals. She's so easy to get in touch with. If I ever need to change something in our schedule, she's always willing to accommodate.

She's trustworthy, reliable, and I can't say enough great things about her. And we look forward to many more years with you. Thank you"

Kirstin Bolduc
Swampscott, MA


Ms. Bolduc And Andrea

She's trustworthy, reliable